RTW Charitable Foundation, ACT Care Foundation, Assemblywoman Monique Chandler-Waterman, and Sesame Flyers Host Community Health Fair in East Flatbush

RTW Charitable Foundation, ACT Care Foundation, Assemblywoman Monique Chandler-Waterman, and Sesame Flyers Host Community Health Fair in East Flatbush


New York, NY - RTW Charitable Foundation (RTW), ACT Care Foundation (ACT), Assemblywoman Monique Chandler-Waterman and Sesame Flyers Winthrop Beacon Community Center today hosted a community health fair in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, connecting residents with healthcare services, distributing fresh food, healthy cooking demonstrations and more. The fair was held in conjunction with Assemblywoman Chandler-Waterman’s Vital Voice Community Meeting, focused on civic engagement, wellness, and celebrating mothers.


According to the New York City Food Policy Center, 25% of East Flatbush residents experience food insecurity and have higher rates of negative health outcomes than the city as a whole. City data shows that the area also has a lower vaccination rate than the borough and the city overall, and a higher number of cases of COVID-19. 

Founded as the charitable foundation arm of RTW Investments, LP, a leading healthcare-focused entrepreneurial investment firm with deep scientific expertise and a strong track record of supporting companies developing life-changing therapies, RTW Charitable Foundation partners with organizations providing access to healthcare services. A significant portion of their work and funding has been focused on New York City and since 2020, they have awarded $1.5 million to organizations across the city combating the pandemic and its lingering effects. 

RTW is supporting ACT’s health outreach and food security work in Flatbush and East Flatbush. With this support, ACT’s community health workers have booked vaccine and booster appointments for over 2,100 New Yorkers and provided food to over 17,000 people. 

Today, staff and volunteers from RTW, ACT, AD58, and Sesame Flyers connected community members with health resources such as information from local clinics and health organizations about services, insurance options, and other benefits and social services. They also provided community members with personal protective equipment and bags of nutritious groceries. 

The event was hosted at the Sesame Flyers Winthrop Beacon Community Center as a part of Assemblywoman Chandler-Waterman’s monthly Vital Voice Community Meetings. 

“As a healthcare focused group, RTW Charitable Foundation is keenly aware of the importance of access to healthcare services and healthy food. Flatbush is one of the neighborhoods whose residents have long faced obstacles to both, and the COVID-19 pandemic only compounded the challenges. That’s why the work of groups such as ACT Care Foundation is so essential to the welfare of local communities and the city as a whole. We are honored to partner with ACT and join them at today’s event with Assemblywoman Chandler-Waterman and Sesame Flyers,” said Nate Pelsma, chief operating officer, RTW Charitable Foundation

“ACT Care Foundation gives many thanks to RTW Charitable Foundation for the support they have given our organization to enable us to continue the work we do in our community. Flatbush usually doesn't receive enough resources and RTW's contribution has enabled us to feed thousands of families, provide PPE, supplies and referrals to healthcare access. Their partnership has been a true blessing,” said Ann Marie Selfridge, ACT Care Foundation program director.

"I want to thank ACT and the RTW Charitable Foundation for supporting the people of Assembly District 58. Our community is predominantly Black, Brown, and immigrant.  When I began my Vital Voice Community meetings, I did so with the idea of sharing resources and educating my community. This partnership is exactly what supporting the community looks like," said Assemblywoman Chandler-Waterman. "Food and housing insecurity, physical and mental health challenges, and unemployment are stifling a community of people who want better. This partnership is one of the ways you empower a community to make change."

“Sesame Flyers Winthrop Beacon held its annual community wellness fair on May 13th, 2023. It was adorned with vendors that promoted just about everything wellness: from dementia, foster care to physical and mental wellness. The community was in great attendance for this momentous occasion with the support of assemblywoman Monique Chandler-Waterman of the 58th district, the community came together to dance, exercise, and enjoy the day with each other while taking charge of their health,” said Simone Warner, program director of Sesame Flyers.

About RTW Charitable Foundation
Founded in 2018 as the charitable foundation arm of RTW Investments, LP, RTW Charitable Foundation works to power rare disease research, medical innovation and humanitarian collaborations to improve the health of underserved communities. The Foundation is able to provide capital, manpower, and logistical support to help scientists push such projects forward. In addition, the Foundation aims to assist in advocacy, disease awareness and directly support organizations and communities in New York City. To learn more, visit www.rtwcf.org.