2023 Humanitarian Grant Cycle: Health Access

2023 Humanitarian Grant Cycle: Health Access


Through its first two humanitarian grant cycles and community events, RTW Charitable Foundation contributed $1.5M to the COVID recovery needs of local New Yorkers. When the COVID crisis hit New York, we quickly pivoted to focus our resources on our neighbors’ needs and continued to do so through 2022, knowing that many of the impacts of the pandemic are long-term and ongoing. As we transition out of the pandemic, we are excited to shift our support and focus to other critical health needs that underserved communities across NYC are facing today.  

This year’s humanitarian grant cycle is focused on health access. Many complex social and economic factors impact peoples’ health, wellbeing, and access to quality care. From historical and ongoing discrimination in health systems to limited access to health insurance, diverse barriers contribute to disparities in health and healthcare. We’re excited to continue to partner with local organizations who understand the unique health equity challenges in their communities and take action to improve health access.  

Whether you’re working on improving health systems infrastructure to include more diverse patient data, addressing poverty and social conditions that impact families’ health, or bringing mental health services to underserved communities, we want to hear your ideas! Check out our grant cycle page here and reach out to Sarah Garwood at [email protected] if you want to discuss the opportunity further. We’d love to hear from you.