BioQuest: Empowering future innovators

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Join us on this BioQuest!

BioQuest by RTW Charitable Foundation is a STEM enrichment program designed to give students opportunities to explore pathways and careers in science, biotech, and medicine alongside mentors in these fields. The program will include six events throughout the academic year from science lab activities to a career day at a biotech investment firm. Our goal is to inspire future innovators and create opportunities for exploration and connection.

This program has been developed by collaborators from RTW Charitable Foundation (RTWCF), Hunts Point Alliance for Children (HPAC), Areté Education, BioBus, and Weill Cornell Medicine. 

Program Collaborators

Many organizations are coming together to make this program possible. Learn about the key players collaborating to make this program engaging and exciting for our young innovators.

RTW Charitable Foundation

Founded in 2018 as the philanthropic arm of RTW Investments, RTW Charitable Foundation powers rare, disease research, medical innovation, and humanitarian collaborations to improve the health of underserved communities. We provide capital, expertise, and research support to help scientists push projects forward.

Hunts Point Alliance for Children

Hunts Point Alliance for Children (HPAC) aims to expand the hopes and potential of Hunts Point children—nurturing young scholars along their path to college or career by unifying a diverse collective of community organizations to connect every family with the resources they deserve.

Areté Education

Areté Education provides academic, social, and emotional support to students while working hand in hand with the schools students attend. They extend the traditional school day with learning experiences that are fully integrated into school communities.


BioBus helps NYC students K-12+ to discover, explore, and pursue science. They focus on students excluded from the scientific community due to factors such as race, gender, economic status, and physical access.

Weill Cornell Medicine

For over 100 years, Weill Cornell Medicine has been a community of world-class physicians, researchers and educators committed to excellence in patient care, scientific discovery and the education of future physicians in New York City and around the world.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Innovation's mission is to unlock the potential of life science innovation no matter where it originates.  Their teams aim to solve the world’s toughest health challenges and drive scientific breakthroughs that improve health for everyone, everywhere. They know that a great idea can come from anywhere and are proud of their strong track record of cultivating innovation and pairing their deep internal know-how with some of the most promising external innovation from around the globe.