About us

Our Mission

To power rare disease research, medical innovation and humanitarian collaborations to improve the health of underserved communities.

Our Vision

To work towards a world free of ultra rare diseases

The RTW Charitable Foundation

Proud to support pioneers who are breaking new ground in the fight against diseases that may not represent compelling commercial opportunities, but do result in significant human suffering.

The Foundation is able to provide capital, manpower, and logistical support to help scientists push such projects forward. In addition, the Foundation aims to assist in advocacy, disease awareness and directly support organizations and communities in New York City.

Investing in human lives

The RTW Charitable Foundation was founded at the intersection of scientific progress and humanitarian efforts. It represents an extension of our investment firm mission. Our process helps us identify important causes of human suffering, and introduces us to individuals and organizations trying to make a difference.

To our research grant recipients, we can offer not only financial support, but also guidance gleaned from our experience in drug development and company building. Beyond research, the Foundation can offer support to humanitarian causes, initiatives that raise disease awareness and programs with a direct patient impact.

Fuelling innovation and beyond

While the Foundation will support research in more common disease areas and humanitarian causes, the Foundation has an initial focus of supporting rare disease research and education. Drug development research for rare diseases often lacks the funding needed to learn if a treatment is effective and safe.

In addition, some conditions are so rare that no profit model exists to bring such treatments to market. The Foundation believes that the lack of profit should not be a deterrent to promising treatments that can impact the lives of many living with rare diseases. Priority areas will be proposed annually and may include specific rare disease areas of focus.